Sunday, January 18, 2009


A wise friend was holding my little 2 day baby in her arms when she said, "Make sure you start giving her a bottle a day so you can have a little freedom." Give my newborn a bottle? When she had barely learned to nurse? No, thank you. My baby needs ME to feed her, not some bottle. I have some 'got-to-be-needed' issues. (I am not one of those crazed Leche Ladies or whatever, but I am pro-nursing. Nursing may not be right or even possible for everyone, but it is something I have chosen to do.) Anyway... So here I am, almost five months later. It would be nice to get away for more than just an hour or two without worrying my head off about if my baby and her caretaker are okay. I'm noy wanting to give up nursing just yet, but an option would be nice. Everyday for the past two weeks, I try a bottle. I pump (every time), I try different nipples, different bottles, a different time of day, warmer, colder, etc., etc. Each time she even sees the bottle now, it's instant screaming, fussing, crying, and tears galore. It's like she thinks I'm trying to poison her! I try to calm and coax her, but pretty soon I add my own tears to the mix and fail yet again. Any suggestions out there for me?
signed: Miss shoulda, coulda, but didn't and now am suffering for it