Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mellon Monkeys Giveaway

We are having a giveaway of $30 towards any children's apparel on our Mellon Monkeys Etsy shop. We have super cute fabric right now that is nearing it's end so go and check it out! You can see all the details at There are several ways to enter to give you a better chance at winning!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quick Update

Yeah! Summer is here finally! We've been so busy it seems I haven't had a chance to pay any attention to my blog. So I thought I would give a quick update. The kids are doing great. Crae is nearly potty-trained and is doing completely awesome. I am so glad not to have to buy two different boxes of diapers every month. (It also saves a ton of money too.) His favorite things are going outside, playing in dirt and/or water (mud), checking his cows (which are the neighbors - he keeps a good eye on them), and going to Grandma and Grandpa's. He is a little parrot and Greg and I are starting to realize that there are a few expressions we say that maybe we should not anymore. He is learning like crazy and likes to read books and play with trucks. He is actually starting to play with Brilee, it's so fun. He calls her "baby dolls" and tries to pick her up and help her do things, which in turn she usually screams about, but they're learning to get along.
I can't believe that Bri will be a year old in a few months. She finally has teeth - she cut all the front four at the same time! She can get around pretty quick with her funny little scoot move that she does, and she loves her Mommy. She also loves to play outside and to pet the dog. She is such a happy little thing and we love her to pieces.
I am busy being a mom. Some days are awesome and I love it and some days I want to jump off the nearest building, but I wouldn't trade anyone for anything. Summer (my sister in law) and I have started an internet business on ETSY ( - check it out!) that we are really excited about. We are making kids clothes and toys and bows and blankets and all sorts of things. We are addicted to cute fabric and love to create things out of it. It has taken up a lot of time but we are off to a good start. I am taking a small break from piano lessons which is nice. It frees up a lot of time to do things with Crae and Bri. We go on a lot of walks- even though I still only have the one seater stroller - Crae and Brilee take turns riding sometimes. I am getting a double soon which will make things a lot easier.
Greg is busy with work, which we are very thankful for. He is running his own crew and having a good time designing and installing his own work. In his spare time (?) he is working on our yard- which is a continual project and is finally starting to look like something. Almost everything in our yard has been salvaged from somewhere and Greg has done all the work so it's cost is practically nothing. I'll have to post some pictures soon. He does a great job and I'm proud of him. He is a fun daddy and loves his kids. They think he's great fun to play with.
That's about it for us I guess! We are just enjoying the summer sun and the company of great family and friends and having a great year so far! We have been so blessed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My week as a widow

Greg left me for a week to go to California for a landspcaping competition with the school. While we suffered through the snow, he enjoyed the sun and the sand and the palm trees. He and the school ended up doing really well. Greg and his partner took first place in the paver competition and third place in the plant installation. The school took first overall. He had a great time and did so good!

Friday, February 27, 2009

It's been 2 years? Really?

Well, it's official. I now have a two year old. As of last weekend, I have a two year old. We had a little birthday party with the grandmas and the grandpas (since the living room is only so big). It was a lot of fun. Crae wasn't exactly sure what was really going on, but he liked being the center of attention and opening presents.

I made Elmo cupcakes. Well, I tried to make Elmo cupcakes. At least they tasted good. And no matter what McCormick says, you can't make frosting red. A really pretty bright pink, but not red. You can't die from too much food coloring, can you?

Brilee having fun at the party.

Presents! Whoever came up with the idea of this monkey backpack leash is a genius! Love it. Can't wait to use it!

It was a fun day. Happy birthday, bud!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hats off to you, Honey!

I must make a small tribute to my husband. He has bitten off a little more than he can chew for school this semster in order to get everything finished up and be able to graduate next winter (while he still defers this summer to work). He has been working so hard ever since school started - late nights, early mornings, and even weekends too. When he is able to come home, he greets a crazy house, crazy children, and their crazy mother who is about ready to have a nervous breakdown at any given moment. And then he usually has to study some more. I don't know how he is still doing it (it's been a little over a month now). On top of all that, he finds to the time to fulfill his church calling, have a little fun, and help keep us all happy. He is such a stud and I love him so much! That's why I'm taking a little time to say - Hats off to you, honey! You're the best! I love you.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


A wise friend was holding my little 2 day baby in her arms when she said, "Make sure you start giving her a bottle a day so you can have a little freedom." Give my newborn a bottle? When she had barely learned to nurse? No, thank you. My baby needs ME to feed her, not some bottle. I have some 'got-to-be-needed' issues. (I am not one of those crazed Leche Ladies or whatever, but I am pro-nursing. Nursing may not be right or even possible for everyone, but it is something I have chosen to do.) Anyway... So here I am, almost five months later. It would be nice to get away for more than just an hour or two without worrying my head off about if my baby and her caretaker are okay. I'm noy wanting to give up nursing just yet, but an option would be nice. Everyday for the past two weeks, I try a bottle. I pump (every time), I try different nipples, different bottles, a different time of day, warmer, colder, etc., etc. Each time she even sees the bottle now, it's instant screaming, fussing, crying, and tears galore. It's like she thinks I'm trying to poison her! I try to calm and coax her, but pretty soon I add my own tears to the mix and fail yet again. Any suggestions out there for me?
signed: Miss shoulda, coulda, but didn't and now am suffering for it

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The holidays were great as they usually are. We got to spend lots of time with family, eating, playing, and eating some more. And then it ended with a bang... well, maybe it was more of a thud, thud, thud. While having a Christmas after party at the Grandparent's Galbraith home, Crae fell down a flight of stairs while trying to save his bowl of M&M's. I'm all for saving the chocolate but this was a bit much.

Poor guy. I promise we don't beat our children. Look at that shiner. Ouch!